Black Star By The Full Moon

By November 21, 2019 Cycling Club News

Peter Allen organized a full moon ride of Black Star Canyon last week.  Black Star is creepy enough, and there are actually haunted tours of Black Star. add to that riding bikes in the dark in the witching hour of a fall fool moon Рwhat is creepy about that?

I had an experience out there. I took a wrong turn and got separated from the main group, so I spent most of the descent alone … in the dark. I thought I heard voices. Stopped. Didn’t hear anything. I thought I saw someone’s headlight coming up towards me. I rounded a corner and it was gone. Maybe I was hallucinating.

I was positive – POSITIVE, though, that I heard the faint chords of some kind of classical sounding music. “Ok, I know I’m not crazy!” I stopped, and listened. I heard it again. I kept hearing it.

I finally reached back into my jersey pocket and pulled out my phone. It was Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. I¬†speculate that, when I got back into cell coverage, Spotify started playing … even though I didn’t have the app open. Hmmm. Weird.