Contest: Summer Challenge Week #2

By January 23, 2021Cycling Club News
We are now in Week 3 of our End of Summer Challenge. Here’s how things are progressing:

Our Week 2 winners for the Open Preme Challenge for the Seapoint to Warner segment were –

1rst Place – Ronald Esteban 5:28
2nd Place – Peter Allen 5:31
3rd Place – Barrett Brauer 5:40

1rst Place – Holly Gabel 5:39
2nd Place – Suze Given 6:23
3rd Place – Becky Doppmann 7:37

Our Preme prize for Week 3 is a Speedsleev Bag in any of there saddle packsJersey Stash Wrap or Dyneema Phone Pouch. Remember, it’s the first place winner who gets the weekly preme prize, and this is open to all riders – members or not, so if you have someone you want to invite to make the open competition more interesting, feel free to direct them to our R5Ciclismo End of Summer Challenge Strava club. They have to be a member to join and win.

One more thing. To qualify for the segment prize you have to start from the designated starting point on the route, which is always RocknRoad in Irvine.

I’ll just pin this information up here, which covers the basic rules for both the overall End of Summer Challenge, and the Weekly Preme Challenge

Team Challenge rules are as follows:

You must join our End of Summer Challenge Strava Group to qualify, which is here,

You get points by the following: 

50 points – Complete a Route
50 points – KOM/QOM for the Challenge Segment for that ride (not the overall KOM/QOM, just for club members)
50 points – if you complete all four routes
25 points – If you put “R5Ciclismo in your Strava name (ex. Holly Gabel – R5Ciclismo)
25 points – If you get a PR on any Challenge Segment
25 points – If you become a Local Legend on any Challenge Segment
10 points – If you post a picture of you in your R5 kit posted to Strava or FB
10 points – If you post a picture of you in your R5 kit to IG (use @s  #s)
10 points – If you mention “R5Ciclismo Summer Challenge” in a post on Strava or FB
10 points – If you mention “R5Ciclismo Summer Challenge” in a post on IG (use@s #s)
10 points – Post sponsor pic to Strava, FB or IG (use their @)
10 points – Share your FB post to the R5Ciclismo main page (not Rides and Races)

For the Open Preme Challenge the rules are simple:

1. you need to follow the route for that week. We always start at RocknRoad and do the designated route. If you want to ride to the start, that’s fine. If you do most of the route and maybe cut off a certain section for safety or other reasons, we might make allowances if you check with us, but you have to start at RnR.

If you get a KOM/QOM for that week (remember, this isn’t the overall KOM/QOM, but just for those who joined the R5Ciclismo End of Summer Challenge group)

Week 1/La Pata – Winner gets a box of PureFit nutrition bars
Week 2/Seal Beach – Winner gets a SpeedSleev bag
Week 3/Cowan Heights – Winner gets a bag of ATAQFUEL hydration mix
Week 4/Live Oak- Winner gets Fizik Summer weight socks

Week #3 Preview –  Cowan Heights, Climber’s Delight

Shorter Version (this still counts towards the competion. There’s just not sprint segment)

We did this once before COVID and it was a great route addition. Most all of us have done Skyline, but Cowan Heights is another hilly neighborhood that is in that unincorporated area of North Tustin.

I altered the route from last time to eliminate that downhill curvy section on Lemon Heights. It’s fun, but that might be a little sketchy for novice bike handlers.

Instead I just have you stay on Skyline all the way down to the fire station at the Cowan Heights intersection.  Make sure you make a stop at that intersection and check for traffic before you make the right turn. After that, it’s more climbing up Cowan Heights until the end of the county road.  I added a little more at the end. You will finish at Clearview Road.

Oh! There are TWO Challenge Segments for this ride. We have a climber’s segment and a sprint segment. Think of it as a polka dot and a green jersey Preme Challenge competition. The Skyline to Cowan Heights segment will take around 8-10 minutes or so. The sprint competition is flat and short. It might take you :30 seconds. We can figure out a points tabulation based on your placing and time, but that’s too complicated. How ’bout we just give out two Premes for men and women.

Skyline/Cowan Heights Challenge Section

Home Stretch Sprint