I’ll buy you a Coke when it’s over

With the way 2020 is turning out, if you’re gonna be buying me a Coke, there’d better be stiff pour of Captain Morgan in there.  What’s next for us in 2020? Don’t tell me that’s just a random cloud pattern in an ocean sunset!

2020 has been a struggle, and we all, in our own unique ways have had to cope with the individual strains and stressors life and external events have placed on us. However, if we are anything, it’s resilient. When faced with the prospect of self-isolation, we’ve adapted and ridden indoors virtually. When our community and our ability to do the thing that brings us together is taken away, we video-conference, and as circumstances change, we will change as well.

It is easy to let events disrupt your internal equilibrium and leave you angry, frustrated and powerless. If you watch the news, you feel even more powerless and angry. It spreads like a virus. It can take hold of us. We read something on social media by someone we know, a friend, someone you have have even known for years and it makes us angry. We may see that person in a completely different perspective, and not a wholly favorable one. Relationships are soured because of this.

We do have power, however. We can control our own actions and how we think and act. Our community is full of decent, considerate, moral people regardless of where they may fall in the increasingly bipolar political spectrum, and the reasons why someone identifies with some ideological side as opposed to another are complex ones, and not easily distilled down into the belief that one side is virtuous and the other side is evil.

We can control our own responses to the impulse to become more divided. I think more than ever, and for reasons that go beyond current events, it’s important to be aware of how we think and control impulses. Make an effort to reach out to someone who is different from you, who may have a different background, grew up in a different place or has a different perspective.  Don’t try to argue, or convince – or virtue signal. Just do something considerate. The power of random acts of kindness is profound … and can spread.

Perhaps someday we will achieve a utopian society where life imitates ad men attempts to sell lots of bottled sugar water and snow white turtle doves.