Ride Recap: Social Distance Remote Ride #3 GMR|GRR Baldy Village

By July 1, 2020July 28th, 2020Cycling Club News

Our old friend, Mt. Baldy, was not too hot last Saturday … or too buggy – yet. We met in the high school parking lot, and rolled when we wanted. The road was open to cars, but only a handful passed the whole time. There were no large groups of tuner cars or motorcycles on GMR or GRR.

New member Ronald Esteban got to do this ride for the first time … and he went all the way to the 5,000′ sign. Good job Ronald! Of course I took a pic of him at the Lodge sign!

The village was not very busy. It was easy to refill your water bottles at the Lodge. This time of year, you will want to make sure they are both full. You can get a Coke from the vending machine or from the Lodge. They make cinnamon rolls on the weekends, so hopefully they don’t run out!

This weekend the roads should be closed. Expect a lot more people riding Baldy for the 4th.

Check the LA County website to see when GMR & GRR are closed to cars … and bookmark this page: https://dpw.lacounty.gov/roadclosures/


>> GMR Vocabulary <<

GMR = Glendora Mountain Road
The road that takes you to “The Fork”, but also goes downhill towards 39 and Crystal Lake.

GRR = Glendora Ridge Road
The road from “The Fork” to the village.

The Fork
Where GRR starts, and GMR goes downhill toward 39 and Crystal Lake.

The Village = Mt. Baldy Village
The quaint town where you will take a photo with the iconic sign in front of The Lodge. There is a water bottle filler here, and they serve food – including awesome cinnamon rolls on the weekends.


>> GMR Variations <<

This is generally an out and back ride. Start at the high school … go up and turn around. Basically, how far and how much elevation do you want to do?


>> GMR to The Fork <<

24 Miles = 3,000′


>> GMR | GRR to the Village <<

45 Miles = 5,500′


>> GMR | GRR to the 5000′ Sign <<

49 Miles = 6,400′
Past the village, before the switchbacks.


>> GMR | GRR to the Ski Lifts <<

55 Miles = 7,800′
20% at the end.