Peter Sagan Roadie-Oh

By November 13, 2019 Cycling Club News

It was great to see so many R5ers over the weekend. Many of us spent the better part of the weekend going down to San Marcos to do this gran fondo on Sunday. It had something to do with some guy who rides bikes…supposed to be some pro or something, and the ladies get all aflutter around him. I honestly don’t really know what all the fuss is about. I caught up to the group he was in and rode next to him for the last 40 miles or so, and he didn’t impress me. I dropped him like a bad habit up the Bandy Canyon climb, and personally, I think that every male R5 member is much better looking than that dweeb, but I won’t argue.

Facetiousness aside, I thought Peter Sagan did a great job as a cycling ambassador. He was surprisingly accessible and gracious in spite of the non-stop barrage of giddy women and fanboys, and it was a treat to be a part of that event. To say it was well organized and well put together doesn’t quite do the thing justice. It was more than that. It just had a good vibe, and everyone seemed happy.

I loved the route. We didn’t even ride Couser Canyon Road on the recon, and that wound up being my favorite stretch of the course. There were a lot of interesting people. The food was great – I like Urge and would go there again. There were a lot of vendors. There was ample opportunity for both people watching, and seeing and meeting people you know or may have heard of (I sat next to Seth Davidson and we chatted a bit).  The best memory, though, came at the end.

I was loading my bike in my car and was about to leave for a well earned nap when Jill Hampton texted that she was at mile 89. I told myself I could stick around for a few more minutes to cheer her on when she finished. I knew that the combination of distance and elevation gain was going to make this one of her toughest rides, and figured she was probably riding by herself in her own personal hell and would cross the finish completely spent.

I was more than pleasantly surprised. I watched as a full contingent of R5 ladies crossed the finish together, all with smiles on their faces – they were jubilant.  They had joined up during the ride, ridden together, waited for each other, supported each other – and made friends along the way. It was great to see. This is the essence of what a team is about and why we join them, and I was very pleased to see R5 show that spirit.

…and positive people attract other positive people, and it was a treat to meet Nicole, the honorary R5 member the ladies picked up to join their paceline. Looking at her in that pic makes you smile, and you can just tell by an image that she’s got a great attitude toward her own challenges…and life. You can visit her foundation website here to learn a little more about her and what she does. She’s a stud.

We had 16 R5 members who participated in the Sagan Roadie-Oh. That’s a great showing. Great job everyone! Jose Velez gets an honorable mention for riding, despite throwing his back out that morning.

Women 55-64 :: Green Jersey Overall :: 150k Total Time
Ruth Clemence :: #2 :: #3
CJ Boyenger :: #4 :: #8
Susan Sloan :: #5 :: #7
Elaine Gronberg :: #6 :: #6

Women 45-54 
Mendi Kessler :: #4 :: #11
Shane Ellis :: – :: #15
Jill Hampton :: – :: #16

Women 35-44
Holly Gabel :: #5 :: #7

Suzie Given :: – :: #4 100k

Men 55-64
Anders Gronberg :: – :: #10

Men 45-54
Barrett Brauer :: #5 :: #20
Peter Allen :: #9 :: #14
Scott Poulalion :: #39 :: #51

Men 35-44
Juan Pablo Bautista :: – :: #4
Matt Franco :: – :: #35