Sponsor: Cuore

By January 23, 2020January 24th, 2020Cycling Club News

Good news!  The Cuore store will be up and running soon – next Monday or sooner I’m hoping. It’s taken a while to get logos and line up new sponsors, but we will finally have a new kit – as well as the gloves and warmers and other accoutrements we need. We will be giving a separate announcement in another email.

There are a lot of good kit brands out there, and there is periodically talk about going with another company. However, R5Ciclismo has used Cuore from the beginning, and it’s maybe the most distinctive and best quality kit I’ve used. A Swiss company, they’re willing to work with us each year to get us out custom world/national and state champ individual kits for our many accomplished riders, and they have custom tailoring program to guarantee each pair of bibs or jersey will fit you  so.

Cuore is not the cheapest, but when it comes to R5, I refuse to make a choice based on price. I want our team wearing the best quality kit. It reflects who we are.