What’s in Store for 2021

By January 22, 2021Cycling Club News

It’s time. It’s time to dust ourselves off, wake up from our angst and anxiety and start thinking about what the next steps are for 2021.

We had plans last year. We were looking forward to honing our racing chops at the CBR series. A lot of us were barely able to sign up for BWR before it sold out – and it sold out extremely quickly. So many of us had such a good time in Mammoth for the gran fondo that we couldn’t wait to do it again. A lot of us were gearing up for the mountain bike season, both the SoCal Racing Series and Over the Hump. We had big plans to organize with ATAQ our own members only Chumash Remote Ride. There were remote rides in Malibu, Glendora, Paso Robles, Los Olivos …

So many rides! Such big plans! And then … this about sums it up.

2020 happened.

But let’s not dwell.  We are moving forward and are going to make up for lost time. I think most of those things we wanted to do are possible this year. At least we can get started.