Seal Beach

By March 9, 2020September 9th, 2020Routes

The favorite! This route usually gets the most participants. When it’s hot outside, you can usually count on the coast to be cooler. Gorgeous ocean views will punctuate much of your ride.

Starting Point: Rock N Road Irvine

Route: We make our way from Rock n Road to Newport, skirting Back Bay to PCH. Then turn right and go up PCH to Seal Beach. Have a coffee stop – as long or quick as you feel. Choices usually depend on lines, bathrooms, and coffee/pastry choice. Regroup and head back home together.

We head back south on PCH. If you’re doing the short route, you’ll head back to the shop through Bayside Drive to Back Bay. For the longer route, keep heading south and hang a left on Newport Coast for a last climb before getting back to the shop.


Water, Food & Amenities:

Mile 29 – Seal Beach. Choose your favorite coffee spot. Some of our favorites include:
Bogarts – small storefront across from the pier. Coffee, pastries, bathrooms. Water pitcher by the drink pickup.
Crema – larger storefront right in the tourist section. Bright, cheery, and great pastry. Bathrooms and large water jug, too. (bring a string bag if you want to take home a loaf of bread)
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – immediately on the right when you turn on to Main Street from PCH. Bathrooms, coffee, pastries. They have a self serve water spigot at the drink pickup.

Mile 44 – Bayside Drive. Chevron Station. Not the best, but bathrooms, snacks and water here.

Mile 45 – The Dunes. Large, clean bathrooms. Drinking fountain. No food.


OPTIONS: After leaving Seal Beach, you can make this as long or short as you like. Head back to Irvine through The Dunes and Back Bay, or go all the way to Newport Coast. We have a short route that goes back on Jeffrey to Walnut Trail. You can also take the trail farther after Back Bay and go up Harvard to Walnut Trail.


We have one Challenge Section – going north from Seapoint to Warner through Bolsa Chica. You can push yourself here, practice pacelining, or TT. We regroup at the gas station, then ride together to Seal Beach.

>> Seal Beach Long – with Newport Coast <<
63 Miles. 2,300′

>> Seal Beach Short – through Back Bay <<
58 Miles, 1,100′

>> Strava Challenge Section <<
Bolsa Chica (Seapoint to Warner)