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My old Oakleys were getting scratched up and the arms were getting a little loose, so it was time to upgrade. I didn’t realize Rudy had introduced a new line of sunglasses – the Cutline.

What made this attractive was, not only the wraparound coverage, but the better brow coverage. This just means the lens sits a little higher on your brow and gives you a better field of vision when you’re leaned over and looking straight ahead. Most sport sunglasses have a frame that sits right in your field of view when you do this. It’a a pet peeve of mine.

So, I ordered and got it the next day. There warehouse and showroom are here locally in San Clemente, so you can try on a pair …or a helmet…before you buy.

I approve. I haven’t worn them on a serious off -road ride or a long climb, so I can’t attest to their ability to stay firmly planted on my nose or resist sweat drops impeding my vision, but they pretty much disappeared on my face while riding, and I loved the lens. I’m sold on amber photochromatic lenses. There’s not way I’m going to a static tint lens again. Half the time I could barely read my computer with my darker charcoal lens Oakleys. These change tint based on the amount of sunlight, so they’re never too dark or let too much light in.