Sponsors: Endurametrics

By May 18, 2020May 19th, 2020Sponsor News

My fitting has been offline for the time being, but I have started performing fits at Movement 1rst again. I had my first motion capture fit yesterday, and getting through a session with mask, gloves and sanitizer seemed to work fine.  So, with certain distancing and mitigation standards in place, I’m now open for business at my Movement 1rst location.

So, as a reminder, Endurametrics is the logo on the derriere end of your cycling bibs. Endurametrics is one of the primary sponsors and supporters of R5Ciclismo (and the proprietor also happens to run R5 and writes these newsletters). I specialize in using data focused and science based approaches to bike fitting, coaching and performance testing.

This means that, with bike fitting for instance, I use tools such as the Retul motion capture system and my own process to look at positioning on a bicycle on a more granular and systematic way. I’ve done nearly 1500 of them this way..and I still learn from every client.

For my coaching clients I bring the same collaborative approach in conjunction with the the two primary data analysis tools I use, WKO5 and Xert, and I have looked over a lot of power files for the over 12 years I’ve been a USA Cycling Power Based Coach.

I’ve also begun testing athletes with field data to better understand your unique profile. Our goal is then to match that to your intended goals and key events and tailor a training approach to best tackle weaknesses and capitalize on strengths. It’s not guessing or creating a template or leaving training to chance or what you read in a book. It is based on reason backed by evidence.

As an R5Ciclismo member, you do have benefits. If you’re in need of a precision fit, you get an Endurametrics motion capture fit with Retul for a discount. This normally will take 2-3 hours and includes an assessment screening, multiple scans, adjustments and a PDF report detailing the process and your final fit measurements.

R5Ciclismo members also get a discount on my coaching packages. I create training schedules each week based on goals, your training progression, and review of your training files and Performance Management Chart and upcoming events and goals. It is all personalized and unique to you.