Sponsors: Rock n Road Is Your Training Partner

By January 21, 2021January 23rd, 2021Sponsor News
You made the resolutions, but you might need some help keeping them. Whether you’ve been riding a lot in the last year, or taking it easy, you might be finding yourself needing some help this January.

Tubes? Tools? Nutrition? A new bike?

Some things have been hit or miss on the supply chain. Maybe you didn’t see it in the store the last time – but the last time was 6 months ago.

Rock n Road has well stocked shelves. Call them first if you are not sure, or want to place a special order. Right now is a good time to look over your bike and your spare parts. Did you use your last tube? Decide to try a new multi tool or tire lever? Eat your last gel on your last ride?

Bikes are even starting to be restocked. Ask them about what you are looking for and they can give you more information.

Gear yourself up and get out and ride!