Sponsors: Rudy Project

By February 23, 2020March 16th, 2020Sponsor News

I was asked recently on at least two occasions what our sponsor benefits are. That will require a longer description – even a separate email with a booklet or document that highlights and describes our sponsors and what they do … and what our benefits are.

In the meantime, let’s start with one. In every email newsletter we will highlight one of our sponsors. Last week it was Gven and Bike Legal. This week it’s Rudy Project.

Rudy Project is an Italian company that specializes in helmets, sport glasses and other soft goods. I think their stuff is tops, and, although I’ve invested in Oakley glasses over the years, I want to transition away from them. Rudy Project glasses are in some ways nicer – and they’re much less expensive with our team discount. The Defender and the Tralyx are the most popular glasses for cyclists, but I also find their more running oriented glasses, which are incredibly light, work well on the bike, too.

Any of you doing TTs again this year? Last year we had a great showing. Rudy has a new TT/aero helmet called the Wing, which is new and improved and fast and looks really awesome … and all the other accolades that go with a new product.